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About AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps is the national service program that provides thousands of Americans of many ages and backgrounds with education awards in exchange for a year or two of community service.

AmeriCorps engages more than 75,000 members in intensive service annually to serve through nonprofit, faith-based, and community organizations at 25,000 locations across the country. These members help communities tackle pressing problems while mobilizing millions of volunteers for the organizations they serve. Since 1994, more than 900,000 Americans have provided more than 1.2 billion hours of service to their communities and country through AmeriCorps. For more information, visit NationalService.gov.

AmeriCorps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency that engages more than 5 million Americans in service through its AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Social Innovation Fund, and Volunteer Generation Fund programs, and leads the President's national call to service initiative, United We Serve.

AmeriCorps members in Wisconsin typically start their terms of service during the fall, although summer and other options exist in some programs.  Most AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance which is distributed in equal payments, typically every two weeks.  Full-time members complete at least 1,700 service hours, typically during a 9-12 month period, and usually receive a $12,530 living allowance, health care, child care, and a $5,730.00 Education Award.  Half-time members complete at least 900 hours, typically during a 5-12 month period and receive a living allowance and a $2,865.00 Education Award. Less than half-time positions exist in some programs; these positions may or may not have a living allowance.  All AmeriCorps members who successfully complete their service are eligible for an Education Award, which can be used for higher education or student loans. Please contact a specific program to find out more about their positions, their availability, benefits, and application process.


Please visit www.wiamericorps.com and contact the specific Wisconsin program you are interested in to find out more about their positions, availability, benefits, and application process. 

You can also visit the AmeriCorps recruitment website to view other AmeriCorps opportunities in Wisconsin and across the nation.   


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