Disability Inclusion

Inclusion refers to the active engagement of people with disabilities as service members and volunteers in all levels of national and community service. Everyone can be in AmeriCorps because everyone has something to offer to their community. Ensuring that AmeriCorps opportunities are inclusive to all people is a priority for Serve Wisconsin. We hope to see Wisconsin’s AmeriCorps programs recruit and retain more members with disabilities. Serve Wisconsin will facilitate programs' applications to the Corporation for National & Community Service for disability inclusion funding when such funding is available.



ADA Wisconsin Partnership

Information and resources regarding the ADA in Wisconsin. This site was created in association with the Great Lakes Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center.

Corporation for National and Community Service

Resources for AmeriCorps programs include online courses on disability inclusion focusing on designing a disability engagement plan, inclusive outreach and recruitment, and creating a welcoming environment and information for facilitating disability inclusion in programs. The website also has resources for individuals with disabilities interested in serving with AmeriCorps, including a webinar series and member reflections.

Great Lakes ADA Center

Provides information, materials, technical assistance, and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and accessible information technology (IT).


The National Service Inclusion Project

A Training and Technical Assistance Provider through the Corporation for National and Community Service that offers comprehensive training, technical assistance, and product dissemination. NSIP encourages and ensures meaningful experiences for people with disabilities who are engaged in service. Call 888-491-0326 (voice and TTY).

Disability-Related Effective Practices Collection

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