2019-2021 State Service Plan


Serve Wisconsin is Wisconsin’s National and Community Service Board. Our mission is to promote service, provide training and allocate resources to programs that enrich lives and communities through service and volunteerism. We achieve our mission primarily through our work with AmeriCorps programs and AmeriCorps members throughout the state of Wisconsin. Serve Wisconsin will primarily support organizations that address one or more of the six national focus areas: Disaster Services, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Opportunities, Healthy Futures, Education, Veterans and Military Families.

We believe:

  • National service, volunteerism, and civic engagement are highly effective, cost-efficient strategies and fundamental to achieve equity, strengthen communities, and improve lives.

  • All communities are able to access national service resources to help meet their critical needs.

  • National service and volunteerism promote bonds across various races, cultures, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.

  • Service is a pathway to education and employment.

2019-2021 State Service Plan Goals

Serve Wisconsin’s goals are consistent with mission, beliefs and the broad goals of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

  1. Facilitate the Growth & Development of Strong AmeriCorps Programs 

  2. Support AmeriCorps Members from Recruitment through Alumni Status

  3. Increase Service for Veterans and Military Families

  4. Support Volunteerism in Wisconsin 

  5. Collaborate Across All Streams of National Service

  6. Increase Service for Wisconsin Citizens Age 55 and older and People with Disabilities

  7. Increase awareness of Serve Wisconsin, AmeriCorps and National Service in Wisconsin

1. Facilitate the Growth & Development of Strong AmeriCorps Programs

  • Identify underserved areas, geographic or focus or priority initiative, and work with local partners to build AmeriCorps programs that meet local needs.

  • Facilitate in-person and virtual application and grant-writing technical assistance workshops for potential grant applicants. 

  • Provide additional, program-specific, training and technical assistance in the areas of performance measurement, fiscal management, member management, regulatory compliance, etc.

  • Encourage planning grants to support organizations that are interested in developing AmeriCorps programs. 

  • Host New Program Boot Camp for planning grantees and new programs when appropriate.

2. Support AmeriCorps Members from Recruitment through Alumni Status

  • Promote AmeriCorps service at college campuses and high schools.

  • Support and recognize members throughout their service through trainings and Corps building opportunities.

  • Emphasize and strengthen the workforce development aspects of AmeriCorps

    • Increase the number of Employers of National Service in Wisconsin as an avenue to increase opportunity for AmeriCorps Alumni and help employers have increased access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees.

    • Advocate for the Education Award to be matched by public and private colleges and universities in the State of Wisconsin.

    • Advocate for the Education Award to be State Income Tax free in Wisconsin.

  • Encourage AmeriCorps programs and members to engage with AmeriCorps Alums, the national network, including the development of local Wisconsin chapters. 

3. Increase Service for Veterans and Military Families

  • Collaborate with organizations serving veterans and military families to augment their existing programs.

4. Support Volunteerism in Wisconsin 

  • Support and promote Volunteer Wisconsin as the website of volunteer opportunities in Wisconsin.

  • Encourage AmeriCorps members to recruit community volunteers 

    • Report the number of episodic and ongoing volunteers AmeriCorps members engaged through their service.

    • Report the aggregate volunteer hours completed by episodic and ongoing recruited by AmeriCorps members.

    • Track the number of organizations that received capacity building services from AmeriCorps members that report implementing three or more effective volunteer management practices.

  • Track the number of organizations that report that capacity building activities supported by national service funding have helped to make their organization more efficient and/or effective.

5. Collaborate Across the Streams of National Service

  • Coordinate with the State Office to promote and increase utilization of all streams of National Service.

6. Increase Service for Wisconsin Citizens Age 55 and Older and People with Disabilities

  • Maintain strong relationships with lead organizations serving older adults and people with disabilities in order to foster participation in volunteerism and national service programs.

7. Increase awareness of Serve Wisconsin, AmeriCorps and National Service in Wisconsin

  • Promote AmeriCorps and national service to recruit both new programs and members through participation at conferences, digital outreach, monthly newsletters and other opportunities when appropriate. 

  • Coordinate and sponsor the Governor's Service Awards and/or National Service Awards.

  • Publish and distribute Serve Wisconsin Annual Report.

  • Share AmeriCorps Member Reflections.

  • Record and report on the AmeriCorps member experience through the annual member survey.

  • Promote the Volunteer in America Report statewide.

  • Collect information from all AmeriCorps State grant applicants on how their proposed AmeriCorps service activities align with the State Service Plan.

  • Promote awareness of AmeriCorps and national service throughout local government in Wisconsin.